Honda Accord Crosstour  - The Honda Accord Crosstour's styling and body construction evolved from the sophisticated foundation of the Accord Sedan. Architecturally similar to the distinctive shape of the Accord, key differences can be found throughout the entire body. No exterior panels are shared with any other Accord. The most noticeable differences include the overall height of the body from the floor to the roof and the obvious design differences in the rear of the vehicle to accommodate the sloped roofline and the tailgate.


The heightened body dimensions combined with increased ground clearance result in a commanding view of the road and a comfortable hip point for ease of entering and exiting the vehicle. Structural technology includes the Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure, an exclusive body design that enhances occupant protection and crash compatibility in frontal crashes. Extensive application of high-strength steel (46 percent) contributes to high levels of torsional and static rigidity, reduced weight, and enhanced safety potential. Aerodynamic performance is increased through strategic use of under-body covers and strakes.


Exterior Styling Concept

The exterior styling builds on the Accord's familiar character lines and adds a bolder front grille complemented by a durable lower-body appearance, wedge-shaped D-pillars and an aggressive rear stance. The designers sought to build on the Accord's style that is already powerful, bold and sophisticated. Like the Honda Accord Sedan, the Accord Crosstour's design is both sharp and strong, with a powerful-looking stance. Starting at the front, the Honda Accord Crosstour's front fascia is enlarged and raised for dynamic toughness, and incorporates a wider and taller 6-point grille with large, horizontal slats surrounded by sharp and wide projector beam headlights. Well-defined wheel arches convey a strong stance and muscular tension. The fender lines appear broadened, like strongly muscled shoulders, with prominent character lines that sweep along nearly the entire body sides, subtly transitioning from an inverse line to an external line. Besides providing visual distinctiveness, these character lines communicate strength and structural depth. The flowing roofline narrows smoothly into the rear of the vehicle to create an aggressive-looking design, concealing a unique cargo area that can adapt to large objects that exceed the capacity of a normal sedan.


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